Scaling 5000 meters


It’s nice to write here again, perhaps, because the story is special. Last week I successfully scaled the 5000mtrs. mark in the depths of Himalayas. It’s probably the most adventurous thing I’ve done so far. I was participating in the trek to Roopkund, organised by Indiahikes.

The trek takes around 6 days with four days of steep climb and two days of descend. Though, now as I write this, it feels like a wonderful and fascinating experience to have, trust me, when we were actually doing it, all of us had those recurring moments when one goes – “What the hell am I doing here?” and “Why am I doing this??” – and worst is, at that time, you don’t see any reason for doing the trek besides – may be you are mad. 🙂 Yet, as you gradually ascend and reach to the top, you think to yourself, may be it’s not so bad to be mad, it’s totally worth it. For when you are there, contrary to everything else – it’s beautiful & relaxing. Here are few pictures that Amrish clicked. 🙂

PS: Note that high altitude trekking is not a fun ride to Disneyland, it’s a serious business. Make sure you are fit enough to do that. Please do not fool yourself into thinking you are fit. It’s imperative to do real exercise and know about Altitude sickness.

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