feedmug.com: forgot password?


   Yesterday I pushed a password recovery feature to feedmug.com. Now users can reset & recover their password in one simple step. Thanks to Sachitanand for the patch that made it happen.

It’s an interesting story. At first, when I was the only user of feedmug, password recovery was not required. But when I released an early version for few friends and colleagues, I realised that it was necessary. But at the time I was so occupied with adding checks and validations, testing & re-testing site function, fixing bugs etc. and etc. that I thought I’ll do it later. Then one day Sachitanand asked if he could do something…anything. I said sure, write a Perl script to set password and send an email notification to the user. By the time he finished that script, I had done the domain registration and feedmug.com was ready to go live. The script was ready, but we did not have an interface to make use of it. Neither did I have the SMTP configuration for feedmug.com. So feedmug was launched without the ability to recover user’s password. I thought nobody is going to forget their password within days and we’d get some time to put things together. I was proved wrong the very next day, when Saleem – one of the early user – said he forgot his password and can not log-in to feedmug.com.

After the launch, though I had time on hand to fix it, Sachit had become father and gone home to see his family. While he came back, I put together an interface to accept user’s email address. But we still did not have SMTP configuration to send email notifications. Last week-end, finally, I had all the things in place and it was time to integrate Sachit’s patch and test it with the SMTP server. I manually integrated the patch on my local instance, did test-run it for couple days and then pushed it live on feedmug.com. In the end, it was quite easy to make things work together.

Hope you find it all useful.

http://feedmug.com is a feeds reader which aims to provide you the best reading experience. If you still haven’t tried it, I invite you to do so, I’m sure you’ll like it. If you are an existing user, please help me spread the word by telling your friends about it.

Thank you. 🙂

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