Release name – why?


Not long ago, lwn covered a story about boiling debate surrounding Fedora release names. I never quite understood the point of having a release name. All these years that I’ve been using Fedora, since FC-2, I’ve never known the release name. I’ve never seen anybody answer – release name – when asked about which OS/Fedora they use. I think it’s just not natural to refer to a software by release name. We are more accustomed to remember and refer to a software by version numbers. Imagine what if all softwares start naming their releases? GCC will have some release name, Firefox will have other, Alpine or Thunderbird will have some more, Gnome and Kde will have still new ones, and soon we’ll need a pocket dictionary to know which release name means which version of which software. Not just that, I bet there will be flaming wars about one program using a release name used by some other software.

And all of that for no *good* reason.

Today, as I logged into – – the very first post I saw was


I agree with Mr hughes. It’ll be a lot better and makes total sense to name Fedora 18 as Fedora 18. It’s simple, intuitive, convenient and just much more useful than some obscure word which may be 10-15 people could decipher. Others would just use it for password.


Abandon Fedora release names, please!