nullcon Delhi’12


The nullcon day #2 is turning out to be really cool! After the keynote speech by Mr Alok Vijayant of IDG(NTRO), Mr Zoltan Hornak demonstrated insecurity of the ubiquitous Set Top Box devices. Mr Zoltan was followed by Mr Rahul Sasi who demonstrated the vulnerabilities of the IVR systems. Though the talk seemed a bit detailed, it was intriguing.

Yesterday, I reached the venue at 0900 hrs. after a short bus ride and a long walk(as I missed a bus stop closer to the venue). The day started with a brilliant keynote by Mr Raghu Raman, head of the NATGRID. Mr Raman’s articulate talk was about how technology is rapidly changing the case for cyber warfare.

The keynote was followed by couple of drab talks about android forensics and the state of cyber security. I wonder if the drabness was because of the lack of expertise, lack of experience in public speaking, lack of language proficiency or just plain inability to convey clear thoughts. Anyhow, I think there’s a dire need to train people in public speaking, which is often very neglected skill in our (Indian) upbringing. It is a fairly complex task to produce effective speakers, but I’m sure there are people who provide such training or may be here is an idea for an interesting new start-up.

Before lunch, I attended Kital‘s talk about the Fedora Security Lab. It was very well received. Many participants showed interest in packaging their tools for Fedora and some even in translation work for Fedora. After lunch, I attended another good talk by Mr Aashish Kunte. Aashish spoke about Forensic Timeline Analysis and collecting data for the same. A few pictures from the event are

     here ->

Overall it’s been an excellent experience to attend nullcon Delhi 2012. 🙂

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