Hi, happy new year! 🙂

I’m happy to announce the latest release of New DJBDNS version 1.05.5. This release is special. It includes two very important security patches reported here -> BZ#838965. These patches protect dnscache resolver from cache poisoning attacks. Please do # yum update to this latest release asap.

Second, I’m pleased to introduce my new co-maintainer – Mr Simone Caronni aka Slaanesh. Slaanesh is an avid Fedora user and an expert developer. He recently submitted useful patches for NDJBDNS and offered to co-maintain the package. It’s encouraging to receive patches and comments from your users. Slaanesh’s offer to co-maintain the package was overwhelming. When I look back, I think it’s a significant progress from a point when nobody wanted to review NDJBDNS for years, to having a co-maintainer for the package. Please join me in welcoming Simone(Slaanesh) aboard the NDJBDNS wagon:

    Welcome aboard Simone! Thanks so much for being the super NDJBDNS user. 🙂

I have already pushed the latest NDJBDNS package to the Fedora stable repositories, soon you should be able to do

    # yum install ndjbdns
    # yum update ndjbdns

Another good news is, NDJBDNS is now available as EPEL 5/6 package(courtesy Simone:). Now you can use NDJBDNS on the Enterprise Linux Platforms of your choice.

Lastly, I want to thank Mark Johnson for reporting the bugs and helping me with code reviews and useful updated information. I also wish to thank all NDJBDNS users for the constant encouragement via comments and patches.

Thanks so much and happy new year! 🙂

4 thoughts on “ndjbdns-1.05.5

  1. Thanks for packaging djbdns for RHEL6, too. Unfortunately ndjbdns doesn’t work as it should: it doesn’t check the mydomain.local file if it’s there in /etc/ndjbdns/servers and it also doesn’t check the @ file, only the file “roots”. Can you help me on that? I’m using the latest from EPEL. I hope I can get it working because I like djbdns but I think your method of configuring and running (inet.d) is more convenient.

      • No, that you have to use “roots” instead of “@” is no problem. Will the fixed version be 1.05.7 ? When do you think that will be available at EPEL? At this moment they only have 1.05.6.


      • Yes, fixed version will be 1.05.7. I hope it’ll available via EPEL by end of this month.

        Thank you! 🙂

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