New DJBDNS-1.05.6


I feel happy to announce yet another release of the New DJBDNS. (New wordpress interface looks neat too.)The release 1.05.6 of N-DJBDNS fixes a major security flaw in the DNS resolver, which would allow an attacker to keep a domain name alive in the resolver cache, even after it has been revoked by the DNS server. It is known as a ghost domain attack. This release also includes the Real time Block List DNS tools: rbldns & rbldns-data. Full list of the added features, latest source and RPM packages could be accessed from

  here ->

This latest package is also available via Fedora & EPEL stable repositories. I strongly urge you to install the update via

   $ yum install ndjbdns

It has been truly wonderful to work on N-DJBDNS package; Recently a kind user conveyed his remarks:

I just wanted to thank you for N-DJBDNS.  I’ve been using djbdns (as a caching resolver) with a Fedora system since about Fedora 8.  I did have an older Fedora package, but with some of the init rewrites (systemd), having an updated RPM package makes installation quite simple.  Reported success on Fedora 18 of N-DJBDNS – post install, all I had to do was point Network Manager’s resolver to the lo,

I’d like to thank all users for using N-DJBDNS and invite those who haven’t tried it yet. I’d also like to thank Mark for filing bugs and helping me with the updated patches and reviews.

Thank you so much! 🙂