New DJBDNS-1.05.7


    # yum install ndjbdns-1.05.7

I feel happy to announce yet another release, version 1.05.7, of the New DJBDNS. This is by far the most complete release of the New DJBDNS. It fixes a major bug(BZ#913651) in dnscache resolver while reading domain specific server data. The fix adds a new debug option to validate the authoritative server data stored in the memory. It also includes couple of new features which enable DNS servers to listen on multiple interfaces, on multi-home machines, and respond from the same IP address to which the requests were sent: BZ#913667 & BZ#917580.

This was an interesting issue to fix. Linux follows something called Weak Host Model. In this, a host chooses to send response packet from an interface/address that is most appropriate to it, which may not be the one on which the request was received. This means the destination IP address in the request and source IP address of the response could be different. This ensures that clients would never receive response from the server, would time-out and resend their requests. I’m surprised that there is no hardware level switch or kernel boot parameter to enable/disable such behaviour. The behaviour seems fundamentally flawed.

Apart from these changes, release 1.05.7 includes last of the DJB tools: walldns server. I’m pleased to announce that with walldns server, release 1.05.7 officially concludes the packaging exercise of the djbdns. Tools that are not installed, for these are no longer useful are:

    noinst_PROGRAMS = dnscache-conf tinydns-conf pickdns pickdns-data \
                                pickdns-conf rbldns-conf walldns-conf axfrdns-conf dnsmx

I urge you to upgrade to this latest version and hope that you continue to find it valuable and useful in your set-up. Thanks to Mark Johnson, Simone Caronni, Christoph Gröver for helping me with the reviews and testing of these new changes.

Thank you! 🙂

2 thoughts on “New DJBDNS-1.05.7

  1. Awesome! Congratulations 🙂 Time to start working on your own features for the project now that all the packaging work is done 😛

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