Funny tcpdump


Last week me and Huzaifa were doing some network packet analysis to figure out why connections were aborting sometimes. He was going through the packet dump using Wireshark, while I was trying to observe TCP hand-shake with tcpdump(8). We saw the weirdest thing tcpdump(8) does while displaying TCP flags. For a successful TCP hand-shake, client & server exchange 3 packets in the following order, with the said TCP flags set.

    Client    —-> SYN —->    Server
    Client <—- SYN + ACK <—- Server
    Client    —-> ACK —->    Server

Now, an intuitive way to display these flags would be to show their initials, like: S=SYN, A=ACK, F=FIN, so on and so forth, isn’t it? Wireshark does it nicely. Even tcpdump(8) does the same, except for the ACKnowledgement flag. For an ACKnowledgement flag they show a dot(‘.’) instead, because a dot(‘.’) says it best, isn’t it? Funny part is, they don’t stop there, they have also documented it in the manual:

TCP Packets:
    Flags are some combination of S (SYN), F (FIN), P (PUSH), R (RST),
      U (URG), W (ECN CWR), E (ECN-Echo) or `.’ (ACK), or `none’
      if no flags are set.

Why would they do such a thing is a deep mystery. I tried to get some insight by reporting an issue -> But as expected, they don’t seem to know it either. Plus they are unwilling to change this behaviour. That must be because it’s been the default behaviour from dinosaur’s ages I guess.

In general, we attempt to avoid gratuitous changes in output like this.
We are out of options as well.. It was my intention that things like this
would come with a name change to pktdump. pktdump would use all the same
code, but have a different main(), which different (saner) options, and
different defaults.

So, a patch to change this, optionally by flag in ndo->ndo_NEWFLAG
would be welcome, but I don’t think we are going to change the default.

[ 🙂 ]

3 thoughts on “Funny tcpdump

  1. Well I definitely agree that the dot is kind of stupid. One reason that I’d hesitate to change that behavior is that there are probably a lot of scripts out there running tcpdump and may be expecting a . in the output. Change that behavior and a lot of code will break.

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