Feedmug – 1.0


As the venerable Google Reader’s retirement comes closer, many are devising their succession plans. After Google Reader what next? There are same old alternatives which still don’t foot the bill and couple of new entrants which though promising, have their pitfalls. It was precisely for these reasons that I started working on feedmug.com with an aim to build a slick and simple RSS feed reader which has the best reading experience.

Today, I’m happy to introduce feedmug.com 1.0. It is a result of constant refinement, bug fixes, upgrades and usage over two years. Its minimalist interface makes it nimble and provides for the most distraction less reading experience. It takes away all the bells and whistles of today’s web interfaces, which make them heavier and unusable(ex. Gmail) and presents you with nothing but what you want to read.

feedmug.com offers:

  • Light weight, simple, fast user interface.
  • Supports RSS/RDF/Atom feed formats.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for smooth navigation.
  • Import/export your feeds using standard OPML files.
  • Organise your feeds into groups using labels.
  • Secure login using OpenID via Yahoo & Google email.
  • Thousands of feeds that are updated and served continuously.

Your quest for the better RSS feed reader ends here. I invite you to try feedmug.com, I’m sure it’ll serve you the best. If you face any difficulties using feedmug or have suggestions/comments, please do share them here or write to me and I’ll be most happy to assist you.

Happy reading! 🙂

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