Fedora APAC budget FAD


Last week I attended the Fedora APAC budget planning FAD for FY’18. Ie. planning for Fedora activities that we expect to conduct between Mar 2017 – Feb 2018 and requisite budget for the same. Last year with Fedora.next reforms, we adopted a new approach to regional budget planning with an aim to increase transparency in the process. In this, each geographical region(ex. APAC) elects three delegates who handle major regional responsibilities. The Treasurer manages regional finance. The Logistician takes care of swag/media/banner production, dispatch and general coordination for Fedora presence at various events. And the Storyteller would collate information about regional events/activities and their impact/benefits to the Fedora project and report the same to the Fedora Community Action and Impact Lead(FCL) and the Fedora Council.

FAD Kuala Lumpur 2016

The Fedora Community Action and Impact Lead(FCL) assimilates various regional budgets and presents a global Fedora project budget to our primary sponsor Red Hat Inc. You can learn about this budget process, schedule and reports from

        -> https://budget.fedoraproject.org/
        -> https://pagure.io/fedora-budget/

I reached the meeting venue early around 09:00 hrs with a lot(600) of Fedora 24 Workstation Live DVDs and stickers. We began the discussion with a review of our expenditure in the current year(FY’17). For the current year(FY’17), we are given much lesser budget than we’d proposed; Partly because we don’t spend all of the budget that we plan for. This must change. Fedora Ambassadors must ensure that Fedora presence is seen at various events in their region and raise budget requests in advance. While discussing about ways to increase Fedora reach, once again popularity of Ubuntu came up. Earlier this year, we participated in the Gnome Aisa Summit 2016, in Delhi, India. Our learning from there indicates that for most people Ubuntu is the first distribution that they used. A co-participant shared that Ubuntu is included in the school curriculum in his state and is used to introduce students to the Linux operating environment. We need to explore ways to implement Fedora university/school connect program across region.

We discussed about ways to increase our participation at Flock. This discussion naturally moved towards FUDCon, its benefits and lack of regular bids to organise FUDCon. We agree that hosting FUDCon is important. However, maybe we could organise FUDCon every two years and use that budget towards increasing our participation at Flock. Nevertheless, it was also observed that we need to vet all Flock proposals from APAC region and provide subsidy to the most deserving proposals. Next we processed the outstanding fedora-apac tickets and projected revised expenses for the next year.

We don’t have regular bids for organising FUDCon from different APAC countries. FUDCon venues mostly repeat without much diversity. One option is to quash the bidding process and collectively select a region wherein we want to increase Fedora reach, ex. Sri Lanka. It certainly wouldn’t be easy, but is worth consideration. Next we discussed about combining this budget planning FAD and FUDCon together around the same time. As per new Budget.next process, new budget proposals are expected by August of each year. We could host FUDCon and budget planning FAD together in June and save on some expenses.

Apart from these many other issues were discussed, like communicating the proposed and allocated regional budget details on the list. Supporting and encouraging fellow participants’ effort and initiatives to conduct events. Expanding our thought process to think and work towards building Fedora APAC community, than focusing on country specific small communities. This leads to create a country specific divide and disconnect between fellow contributors and participants of Fedora community. Such divide must be avoided at all costs.

[*] https://public.etherpad-mozilla.org/p/FADKL_2016

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