Client side XSLT


Lately, the Beacon editor team has been toying with the idea of making the editor work entirely on the client side. Beacon is a powerful docbook and guidexml editor. Idea is to use jQuery XSLT and/or Google AJAXSLT libraries to convert the document text from HTML to XML and vice-versa. This would make Beacon fast and portable enough to be pluged into different applications with minimum efforts. The experiment has seen some early success and promises to become a mature solution.

Nonetheless, the efforts have stalled at a rather weird glitch caused by nested XML tags. Let’s suppose, XML document has text like:
    <para> Hello, <b>world</b>! </para>

when Google AJAXSLT tries to transform this text into HTML, it shows up as:
    Hello, world! world

instead of:
    Hello world!

The text in the inner tags shows up more than ones. It is proving to be quite difficult to debug and figure out if this elusive bug is in Google AJAXSLT or in jQuery XSLT library.

If you have worked with these libraries before and have any suggestions or inputs for us, please forward those to:
     IRC: #beacon on

Thank you.