GNU Pem-0.7.9


I feel happy to share with you that the latest  version of GNU Pem, version 0.7.9, is now accessible from its website ->

GNU Pem is a handy tool to help you keep track of your personal income and expenses.

Major changes:
1. New option -b –bare, to show concise reports suitable for small netbook screens. See ->

2. New user guide:

It began with a message from Mr. Ernest saying he has compiled GNU Pem for the Nanonote Netbook, but it doesn’t show up well because of the small screen size. After exchanging a few more messages about the possible solutions, we settled on adding a new option that’ll remove the existing tabular format so as to make the report fit in 40×15 screen of Nanonote.

I added the new -b, –bare option to generate the new report and gave a pre-release version to Mr. Ernest. He confirmed it’s working via twitter -> @pjp_ PEM 0.7.9 looks like a success to me!

  Nano report ->

After this started a new exercise of making an official release. Considering the last release was almost two years ago, now I had lost my GPG key that was registered with the GNU servers. So, it all began from creating a new key, registering the same with the GNU servers, uploading the new tarball to the ftp server, pushing changes to the git repository, and lastly making changes to the Pem web site.

Yay…! đŸ™‚