Of patches, review request and a Jasmine plant.


Past week was intriguing. Last week-end I spent time digging into the source of LibNSS to find memory leaks that were report by Valgrind(1) with the caching server of feedmug.com. Valgrind(1) produces the call stack and shows precisely where the memory was allocated, finding where it was leaked is yet another exercise. It took some time and jumping from one function to another to find the exact point where it was leaked. It’s very easy to lose track while manully unfolding the call stack like this.


Just when I submitted this patch to LibNSS, I received another one from Jose(jmalv04) offering the systemd(1) unit file for the dnscache(1) server of New djbdns. It was one pending task Rahul had asked for. It’s really nice to receive these patches for New djbdns. Every now and again I keep getting mails from people asking for configuration help or saying that they use this package everyday and find it really helpful. 🙂

I’ve added the new systemd(1) unit files for dnscache(1) as well as tinydns(1) server and have also updated the long standing review request

at -> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=480724.

This review request has almost become a case study by itself. I filed it more than two years ago, they had intense arguments over it, some liked the effort while others criticised a little. It is ironic how users want to use this package, they like it, even defend it at times. Yet nobody wants to approve it just becasue it was originally conceived and written by a notorious professor. Who then left it and moved on. 😦

You can access the new updated source and F16 RPMs from

-> http://pjp.dgplug.org/djbdns/ndjbdns-1.05.4.tar.gz
-> http://pjp.dgplug.org/djbdns/ndjbdns-1.05.4-4.fc16.src.rpm
-> http://pjp.dgplug.org/djbdns/ndjbdns-1.05.4-4.fc16.x86_64.rpm

For the concluding note – After long time today, I went to the nursery. It looked strangely deserted of plants. I guess they are doing some restructring there. I went to get a Chilli plant but couldn’t find one. The lady there said why not take Jasmine plant sir? I smiled to myself. The thing with Jsamine is I LOVE it and I’ve had many of them so far, they just don’t stay for long. I guess they need some direct sun light which is never available in my balcony through-out the year. But it’s Jsamine, why not try once more?! 🙂

Radio plays excellent music Sunday nights, No RJs. 🙂