I logged-in to today and the first post I see is – Unexected PITA Progress. That’s an intriguing title. And then the opening line just got me, I couldn’t move ahead without reading the full post. Rarely do you come across a straight confession of ones disappointment in his work and yet the tone has a hint of confidence in it. Half way through the post it reads

After an initial development rush in 2006, I hit the wall and struggled to make progress in the face of problems like having no version of Perl on Windows with a compiler, the difficulty of embedding custom POE applications into regular applications, and the mind-bendingly awful problem of debugging code being run via a shell command from a different version of perl in the child of a fork spawned from a script called from a boot init script in a headless VM called from system command in the hidden fork child from an async loop spawned in a deep object model in the child fork of a daemon.

That’s a long sentence! 🙂 Nonetheless, authors perseverance is awesome!!