Old habits

Hmmn, recently I started using the j & k keys to scroll up and down on the computer screen. Boy…it’s such a bliss, seriously!

If you see $ vimtutor, on the very first page it says, use j to scroll down and k to scroll up. But all this while I kept using the arrow keys and never realised that j & k could be so powerful. As they say – old habits die hard.

Their power comes from the fact that, invariably the right hand rests on the keyboard such that the j & k keys fall under your middle and the ring finger, which means, you don’t have to reach out to the arrow keys. Also, these keys are universally supported. You read man(1) pages, perldoc(1), pydoc(1) pages, pipe some output to less(1), see output of an SQL query in MySQL, anything, even epdfview, the PDF reader I use supports these keys. Only piece missing was Firefox. Firefox does not support j & k keys to scroll web pages. I wonder why not?

But then, Firefox has this rich set of extensions which is like a magicians hat. One can always find something useful there. I found one such jewel which does exactly what I wanted – vimkeybindings. It adds 6 key bindings to firefox – j, k, l, h – help you scroll the web pages and – g, G(shift + g) – help you reach to the top or bottom of the page.

With that missing piece in place, it feels wonderful to browse through web pages. 🙂