Fedora APAC budget FAD

Hello, Last week I attended the Fedora APAC budget planning FAD for FY’18. Ie. planning for Fedora activities that we expect to conduct between Mar 2017 – Feb 2018 and requisite budget for the same. Last year with Fedora.next reforms, we adopted a new approach to regional budget planning with an aim to increase transparency […]

FAD Singapore 2015

Hello, Last weekend I participated in the FAD Singapore 2015. Apart from the annual review of the last year’s expenses and budget planning for the coming year, the most important agenda for this meeting was – To develop a strategy for the Fedora community growth across APAC region. Fedora Ambassadors came from various countries(Singapore, India, […]

Of Django-south migrations

Last week at work I stumbled upon this problem: two of the Django-south migrations made conflicting changes to the database schema. Let’s say 0003_migration_1 & 0003_migration_2 are the two migrations applied in the same order. But, the models in migration_2 do not include the changes made by migration_1. This causes a problem while creating a […]