Latest in the list of Fedora packages is a tiny program I’ve been using for years, called Whereami. Whereami displays information about the machine(location) you are working on. If you are one of those who log in to more than 3-4 machines at the same time and then have arbitrary remote shells and screen(1) sessions open between those machines, Whereami is for you. Whereami displays information like host name, host IP address, current working directory etc.

The package source is accessible from here. And you could install it as

    # yum install whereami

Hope you find it useful…enjoy! 🙂

Donate clothes


It’s been long since the last time I wrote here. But, I hardly had anything to write about. Today I’ve something useful to share.

This weekend has been really nice. It was long and felt like a week end. Otherwise it’s like before you know it’s Sunday evening and you start preparing for the Monday. Anyway, so yesterday after waking up late, We(me & Rakesh) set off to give away my old clothes to the Deep Griha Society, Pune. It was a long pending task to be done.

We reached the Society at around 10:45 hrs and were warmly received by Ms. Rujuta, who collected the old clothes and enthusiastically briefed us about the Deep Griha Society. Located near the Pune station, Deep Griha, meaning “Light House”, is an independent charitable organisation working to improve the lives of people in the slums of Pune. It was founded by Dr. Neela Onawale and husband Rev Bhaskar Onawale in the July of 1975. Today Deep Griha is doing it’s part by providing clinical facilities to the under privileged and HIV infected people, and childcare facilities to the children. Deep Griha runs programs like City of Child, which provides primary education and healthcare facilities to the children. It has other programs for Youth & Women’s Empowerment, and Medical programs to provide clinical facilities. Ms Rujuta said there are many ways one can get involved and help the cause and all such help is just as much needed.

After the pleasant conversation we decided to have some nice breakfast and Aromas proved to be just the right place for it. I think the American Breakfast at Aromas which serves, a Cereal, a Juice, Eggs, Toast and Tea/Coffee is possibly the best breakfast I’ve had in Pune. Perhaps it would be nice to go there early morning as they have news papers to read, of course that’s if you like to read news paper with a cup of coffee, otherwise you can watch TV or just relax. They open at around 8’O clock I think.

By the time we finished breakfast it was afternoon. After that it was usual uninteresting stuff. We went to the Landmark book store to see some books, had juice in the Coffee House and came home. At home at I dozed off before I knew it, and when I woke up it was 18:30 hrs, I took a quick shower and rushed to my class.