Fedora-12: Installation woes


Last Thursday I decided to upgrade my machine to F12. Thanks to recurring persuasion from Rahul, otherwise I take my time to upgrade to a new Fedora. And for its 13 months life cycle, I do it just once an year. šŸ™‚

Anyway, so after taking back-up of the /home partition, I dumped the latest boot.iso to a USB device and proceeded to reboot my machine.

    $ dd if=boot.iso of=/dev/sdb

I always do a clean install including disk partitioning. I like to custom select packages and install just the ones I want and nothing more. That means `# yum upgrade’ doesn’t work for me.

So, the machine rebooted. I stepped through the disk partitioning chore and came to the repository selection screen. I selected the ‘Customise Now’ option and proceeded to click Next button. That’s where Anaconda bite me. There, I accidentally clicked twice on the Next button and BOOM. Anaconda entirely skipped the package selection and went on to resolve dependencies followed by the actual installation, without even confirming it once.

On the package installation screen, there is absolutely no way one can halt the on-going installation, go back, change the package selection, and start again. I wonder why? There are two buttons <Back> and <Next>, but both are disabled. I don’t know how these disabled buttons help there. I thought at least in the end, after installation is done, the <Back> button will come to life and be of some use to me. But nope, after installation, you see a new screen of congratulations prompting you to reboot the machine. Worst was, after going through all this, for some reason the new F12 did not even boot.

Finally I resolved to redo the entire installation, with little extra care this time. And this time, during package selection, for some reason I could not de-select OpenJDK – java-1.6.0-openjdk* – package. I don’t know why do I have to have it.

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