Quantum is an excellent read. Being a fiction lover, I rarely come across some non-fiction that is so nicely written & interesting cover-to-cover. Author Manjit Kumar takes you to the fascinating worlds of some of the greatest physicists we ever had and their eccentric quest for the nature of reality, which in turn gave birth to a quantum. The book is full of anecdotes & quotations, some interesting, some are moving and some are pure funny:

If it’s not classical physics, it’s just stamp collecting. – Mr. Rutherford (I think)

It is the theory that decides what we can and can not observe. – Mr. Einstein

A lot can be discussed without actually saying anything new(or useful). – Mr. Bohr (I think)

The aspiration to truth is more precious than its assured possession. – Gotthold Lissing

Sankarshan gave it(the book) to me saying we had talked about it, of which I still have no remembrance, but I’m thankful to him all the same.

In short, it’s fantastic, enjoy it. And also the new year of 2010. 🙂

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